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What's Crown of Feathers anyway?

Crown of Feathers is a book by Nicki Pau Preto about Veronyka, who along with her sister Val, hope to become Phoenix Riders like the ones of old. But challenges await her in her path. The book has the deuteragonists Tristan a hotheaded Phoenix Rider apprentice with family issues, and Sev, a begrudging soldier of the Golden Empire.

Meet the Cast!

Veronyka: A war orphan with but one desire: to join the lost and mysterious Phoenix Riders. Her sister Val however has her own agenda, and may prove to be a bigger threat then finding the current Phoenix Riders.

Tristan: A very emotional and somewhat troubled Phoenix Rider apprentice whose relationship to the leader of the post-war Riders has caused him grief and bullying.

Sev: A secret animage in the Golden Empire's forces. He hates the Empire, but had to choose between the army and bondservitude.

Other Key Characters:

Val: Veronyka's sister who always does stuff to her agenda, and her agenda alone. She rarely teaches Veronyka anything that isn't to her advantage, and can be cruel and even downright evil at times.

Trix: A mysterious older lady bondservant that always has a plan.

Xephyra: Veronyka's bonded phoenix and a rebellious bondmate to Veronyka.

Xatara: An aggressive phoenix female who is stuck in the breeding cages with Xolanthe.

Characters from the Age of Myth:

Nefyra: The First Rider Queen and the first animage and shadowmage, lover of Callysta Lightbringer and mother of Calliope. Her bondmate was Ignix.

Callysta Lightbringer: First Rider and lover of Nefyra. Bondmate of Cirix. Most likely stepmother or adopted mother to Calliope.

Roza Heartlight: The first high priestess of Axura and First Rider.

Ignix: Bondmate of Nefyra, and said to be the first child of Axura. She has vanished into time in recent years. Mate of Cirix.

Cirix: Bondmate of Callysta and later Calliope. He has vanished into time in recent years. Mate of Ignix.

Pantheon of Crown of Feathers: The gods of that world that are worshiped by many.

The Most Recent News:

Sep. 11 2020: Wings of Shadow revealed! Cover, synopsis, and details TBA.

Feb. 11 2020: Heart of Flames released, 364 days after the first!

Feb. 12 2019: Crown of Feathers released!

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